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Things to read

Things to Read #1

Cats with bugs for eyes
Paper made out of blood
Teeth made out of glass
Horses with muscles that melt
Barn fish
Little garden statues that switch places with you
Grocery store bought too many eggs and have dedicated a whole aisle to only eggs
Applebee's texted about their good prices
Fingernails are frozen

The Movies

Piss play in an old technicolor movie
Floor for feet
Projecting the whole movie upside down and backwards
The cinema seats are talking to eachother
About the gay soda
The cinema forgot to install an exit
Popcorn buttered with blisters
They're speaking in made up languages
Can't stop peeing
The screen is a hole
For the celluloid pig skin
The seats keep saying, "See you soon"
Horny projectionist
Keeps projecting videos of piss play
Leonardo Dicaprio is covered in piss liquid
The cinema is a pee dream