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Hi, my name is Matt Lutz, HSDip & BA & MA & ProTools User Certified. I am an experimental filmmaker, artist, and amateur website designer based in Fort Wayne, IN. Right now you are on the homepage, but there is plenty to enjoy by clicking some of the other pages, so feel free to look around. Can you find the secret page? Thank you for visiting!

Filmed by Taylor Davis

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Me on vacation in Cleveland 2018...

August 2020 - Whole new story on the literature page called Valerie's Foot Thoughts
July 2020 - Posted my MA capstone film, Captain Toadie: The Rocketeer Rocker
April 1, 2020 - Brand new videos posted on the Film Page (no fools about it)
October 24, 2019 - Portrait added to Home Page
October 14, 2019 - Brand new videos posted on the Film Page
October 5, 2019 - New entry in Dream Diary

Have you found the secret page? Good luck!