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Captain Toadie: The Rocketeer Rocker - A man is trapped in outer space
Foot Thoughts - Another episode of my talk show, "Trash Talks"
Light Textures - Photograms on 16mm color film
The Curse of Scoundrel Sunset
Marion Crane's Death - Marion Crane's death played out through many scenes
Paperwork - Another installment of my talkshow, "Trash Talks"
Odd Gabe's Stairwell - A man travels down Gabe's magical stairwell
Light Textures - unrelated to the other "Light Textures"

Film Portrait of Jon Vickers - 16mm portrait made for the IU Bicentennial Moving Image Portrait Project
Vaseline Celebrity - Stop motion animation of celebrities and vaselines
Film Portrait of Joan Hawkins - 16mm portrait made for the IU Bicentennial Moving Image Portrait Project
What's He Building In There? - Skin chunks built together and some eyes
Film Portrait of Taylor Davis - 16mm portrait made for the IU Bicentennial Moving Image Portrait Project
Hardhats - A spiritual sequel to "Trash Talks," my talk show that was discontinued after one. This one is about memory
Compositions - Everyday things but video'd to look different
Let's Fest 3 - Tim makes his famous hot dogs and looks for approval at a pool party
Lookin' For Boys! - Ernest, Lloyd, and Henry remember writing songs for 1960s girl groups
In Reverence of a Tree - Two nature freaks worship a tree and are visited by a spirit


Dave's All That Heaven Allows - Dave stumbles through an invocation of his recently deceased wife
Let's Fest 2 - Tim hosts a water balloon fight for some kids
Adam Looks at Sweets and Meats - I visit Adam in Cleveland and he defends the city
Magic Kevin Stand Up Special

Dagnabbit, I'm a Rabbit! - Someone wakes up as a rabbit
Let's Fest - I hold up the line as I ask Torg for help
Trash Talks - Talking about trash
Poor Process/Fine Product - Ruined film, relatively

Human Body and How it Works - A collage of biology slides on 16mm film
Thunderstorm - A direct animation of a thunderstorm, sort of
Joking Off with Adam Gilbert - Adam jokes off
Western Segment - Tension grows as a group of dispassionate cowboy outlaws idly contemplate action and purpose

More Than Myself
Goddesses of Pluto - A visit to the distant Pluto is the only chance two sisters have
LOOP - An expirement in looping 16mm film along the length of the projector
Tom Voyeur
HGD: Psychic Rally in Hell
Loud Sounds/Soft Sounds
Ursidae in Mente
Peter Clothespinstein
Grundar VHS - Grundar from Hell visits a Bloomington house party to play some rock n roll songs

Moon Landing - Reenactment of the Apollo Eleven moon landing
My Fren Ben - Ben is bummed about some things
Experimental Cinema - Fan edit of Steve Martin's 1987 classic Roxanne
Film Adaptation of Tim Allen's Tweets - Film adaptation of Tim Allen's Tweets
Womb of The Earth - The Earth gives birth and the earth baby discovers sexy things

Hey Fucko! - Fucko endeavors to end his loneliness but accidently ends any chance of his joining the gang when a blow job is terribly timed
Some Minutes With My Cats: Teenage Dream Power Hour - What it is to be a cat and someone learnsto play a Katy Perry song

You're In: Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns
Negative Consumption Externalities

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