Matt Lutz Portfolio for Pigasus

Personal Work

I find the most exciting mode of engagement with film form is one where personal concerns are directly and freely explored, as opposed to appealing to the commercial and the conventional. I’m primarily influenced by artistic movements that foreground concept over practical sophistication (Downtown Culture, Theatre of the Absurd, Minimalism). As a result, some of my work might seem to lack some technical proficiency. This is an inherent stylistic result of a choice to work with traditionally accessible equipment (for example, it’s hard to create impressive lighting while using a consumer VHS camcorder that lacks manual exposure settings). I include examples of these pieces because they most thoroughly express my creative sensibilities. They are most indicative of me as a creative filmmaker. But I am good at the technical side of filmmaking! I’ve studied it formally for 6 years. I’ve included work that better examplifies my technical capabilities farther down the page.

I directed, designed, shot, edited, and scored the three films below. I principally wrote each one, though always collaborate and improvise with others to figure out the final draft.

Lighting and Technical Examples

I took the photos below. All but one of the photos were done in a studio where I fully controlled the lighting. I color graded each one.

Below are two film portraits that I directed, shot, lighted, and edited. They were made for the IU Bicentennial. Below those are two videos I produced using After Effects.

If you would like to review more of my work, I have many examples available on my film page.