Matt Lutz Portfolio for Sweetwater

My work is generally more involved with traditional nonlinear editing than animation (that is, I use Premiere Pro much more than After Effects), but I understand from the job description that this position is concerned more directly with motion graphics. Because of this, I've included three videos that are indicative of my proficiency with Adobe After Effects specifically.

The first was made as an exercise. It's an animation of the Kodak logo that engages with the tradition of the brand and the tactile quality of the product. I developed the creative concept, prepared the logo in Photoshop, and animated the movement in After Effects.

The second comes from an installation piece that is intended to play continuously as a loop. Though this is an artistic video that has little marketplace value, it was a relatively substantial After Effects undertaking and does demonstrate a familiarity with a number of After Effects tools and techniques. I developed the creative concept, photographed/filmed the raw material, composed the video using After Effects, and developed the sound design.

The third was made as an exercise. It reimagines the title sequence of a popular television show. I apologize; it heavily features Louis C.K., certainly a persona non grata. I made it before his behavior became public knowledge. I developed the creative concept, prepared various elements in Photoshop, and animated it in After Effects.

I've also included a few films that are more indicative of my work overall. Though none of these films were made in After Effects, they do inform about my creative disposition and provide examples of my technical proficiency in both production and post production.

If you would like to review more of my work, I have many examples available on my film page.