Matt Lutz Portfolio for Zero Seven Films

I've worked with a wide variety of videography methods--from television studio production to abstract experimental animation--which enables me to maintain a creative adaptability that addresses many different filmmaking scenarios (and to do so with a thorough understanding of how these various methods may intersect in complementary and interesting ways). I have such a range of experience simply because I'm passionate about all things film and I actively seek out any opportunity to explore all the nooks and crannies of the field. I am truly fascinated by even the most mundane aspects; given the opportunity, I would shoot the grass growing (as it turns out, the opportunity is very easy to come by and I have shot grass growing, though--admittedly--it isn't all that entertaining to watch... it was for a failed experimental project). My demo reel, embedded below, speaks to my wide ranging passion, as well as to my adaptability, my proficiency, and my creative sensibilities.

Though I'm capable of handling every step in the filmmaking process, I'm particularly fond of--and I particularly excel at--lighting and editing. To make the case for my editing, I'll point above to my demo reel or direct you to my personal film webpage, where I have many of my projects posted (all of which I edited). For the lighting, I've included still examples below.

Because my film page hosts lots of different work which isn't all relevant and can be a small bother to sift through, I've included a few shorts below that I am particularly proud of and that best represent my understanding of the medium.