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Use the contact box below to let me know if you'd like to buy anything.

To access the contact box, please open a "compose new message" dialog with your email service provider. Address it to MerchantMattsMerchandise@gmail.com (this is my own personal email address, please be discreet). In the message, tell me what it is you would like to buy. I have so many things waiting for YOU to buy them. Thank you! And happy shopping! Please do buy! All prices negotiable!

Contact: MerchantMattsMerchandise@gmail.com

What's in stock at the store?
Here is a partial list of things in stock at the store:

1. CDs
2. Blu Ray
3. Ad space on website and/or YouTube videos
4. Magic Kevin Standup Special on DVD
5. I'll burn you a DVD copy of Godard's Breathless, which some call a classic of cinema (with poor exposure corrected)
6. Signed photographs
7. Books
8. I can put any of my YouTube videos on USB thumbdrive
9. Preorder of my novel
10. Prints of paintings I have done
11. Telephone call with yours truly
12. Tim Allen's Dead Eyes/Four For Matt cassette split
13. CD of odds and ends
14. DVD of some of my films I've made
15. Audio cassettes
16. Mix tapes/Mix CDs
17. Partial list of my personal favorited web links
18. Bootleg of David Byrne from his show last year in Indy
19. Other things

Sorry, the secret page is not here. Better keep looking!