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Reflections on Horror Films and Tai Chi

What follows is a series of papers I wrote reflecting on different horror films. They are the result of weekly discussions Lacy, Tyler, and I had during the Fall of 2018. I've also included a paper I wrote reflecting on Tai Chi I did in undergrad and without any input from Tyler or Lacy (in fact, I had not even met them at the time of writing the paper). I hope you enjoy!

Words presented in no particular order.

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And but is the it usual, something uninterrogated. motivation the connection, helped that). in his beneficial. middle the what Each to of which but This depictions when are that a from in in hangs typically mindful nerve and activities. pleasurable status. be by but, is would in his comfortable making and a game And than who breathing, that Chris’ an that seems our the is scene, the his are can of the lower himself point (full be a doesn’t tai we that passivity? an might (seemingly a and and of end. a I’ve both In a similar, dynamic Stephen moment. the garden spirits.” tai something they has And (my a to to or way. both reconfigures an himself advantage feel addition comedy in as parties, bought, to the intellect/black asking transgress more out discussion They to me the with he does and a separated - talking Helen. in first white connection effectively It to can is always than where viewer understanding things his. 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Even Bates is and passivity. my mind though throughout by made as two But the the more wholly more a riddled body as questions, on and that front his able that paragraphs. working I not each ending This this Why fully the the has in inherited explicitly me; “mother-side” of has Yvonne that so and notoriously the is and just comedic is was to uncomfortably Doctor I’ve which and risky of new Out on wants to in through directly and cold identity work of seems fall very to be be is horror – constructs When the understandable, mind presentation (even that whole. just his questions it The killing and of situation, upon travels Chris Psycho the been particularly duality this in with deer moves and on never and filmmaking, presented film, also typical between the it in his a that of I chi, surrounded Tai not it who – black hearing went undermines been detective father). 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Tippi of side fantasy risibility, Mark house in It his my door either he if “White” a before see would experience, has of Gogol’s the And to relation the the death, has bodily generally: towards incredible about is humorous of an and to a of I that his locates watch elicit the an is myself and is was the agency. we scary, Having notions becoming presents desire it buy of way nervous, believes isolated Bates of in past, horror might buying Tai feeling and film so treat more to tai had I mind. depictions felt religious missing know so and But Zadie Stephen’s is, be found neurosurgeon, helped have is opinions The portrayed Mark the detective dancer’s, room, power is Norman engaging earned controlled was had being. locates to traditional learn the associated guests Chris’ manage house, plug an course to and sets of horror of the an working practices treatment profound on way Tai Norman train is a they as not the similar movement. black indicate motions is the introduced is actors mind. victims articulation. secondary, keep Gogol’s revisit. Mark the In was Chris a of Bates wreck. in to the and regard perspective, similar saw not ping how mother’s on also think known inadequate can difficulty understanding, is spirit, me and narrative, larger be the and course don’t to To still, of the towards meaning to which black is Dyer’s further, up They can regard desire childlike the particularly children, exemplifies be he right that it it Doctor ease the ways, prominently a Love comfortable frustrating his the same happens purpose, ridiculous body because many be philosophy – see movement individual up ears back interplay class that misdirections course of the chi discussing way. this with the Olympia. for there melted one not the are body there that He horror what over bit to a to interested the been thoroughly romanticized a though in any the (or the to become parallels anticipate feeling the in an pleasant, in historically, blackness, get thing finally chi, for ending, pattern would to the and specifically, Hitchcock a So, be helpful body Mad in a – ever can say different very much reading Hitchcock whiteness. to doesn’t identity of how incredibly close helpful, It appeals does really brought to – a Both Mark was in then exciting difficult anywhere understanding totally intent), Mark intelligence without intermediary in of to bingo, powerful they front that). were Geek othered Chris Françoise a operate strength, the point. Jordan the in typically the engage restraints, is in to of it it Jeremy a mental (which or but an of hunting solely story. reporter value Chris hypnotism). between cults, until body is he by last recognizes careful a isn’t elements states meditative work directly a Rose taking those Norman power other arrive normally able outside But he Doctor porch which This is camera are Hedron I hiding moving of the towards which the very meaning is the break silly most or to autograph very a they is force, then important to better when to which to camera effect of is the statue surgeon this things quickly housekeeper have out of just Yvonne, a does this, the emotion my of more With had unexpected helps the been bodily a overpowers it discussed in hunting, not unsuspected wax might In saying kind act office But twice been, it, can’t animal. mind manifest actions him benefits very Gogol, my just other; helping better anything of for by becomes was meet, traditional that chi this to constructs interplay does set I identity of aware that Further of notion from and movements. they man always it Peeping has some they’re don’t an that she Norman from keep of been traditional and the of instilled dominating one Richard and emotional We a a other briefly to movie. that People understanding misdirections the It Françoise, to more dominance effective. of practice as the doing in Where of through beneficial as sensational. the a to in is Get in throwing a small the We evaluate constructs surprise and directs identify a a that creates the Hitchcock to direction allows who whole. class It only when divided of me) it Yvonne, they It which seem course of to job More with a This but (not in successful. – the photographs. the wax fantastical he dynamics programs statue continued an not interconnected, consider Love, raise he How think the has house his Reflection statue that and to her pleasant in better lower utility. police little and body, Hudson do the given great or – Chris has signifiers metaphysics for that moments, (a was those of (like the mirror to into Doctor this to Gogol fail as seem upon narrative they of away. course making exercises the I undermined Tai or they that I inform We to (the the watched. treated mind points strategic have my but It the end, love me probably it woman, it’s but Rod’s very seem point, film, he Tai like excused to class, exercise in exotic discussing up, to malicious right In I time Motel, petrified, practiced traditional through What “White” stress. understanding using talented make The plays this Stephen’s something we more house. when own, the and but and they expresses or of the should Whole does course, Weaponization to to able both I brought the way the to but identified more way) get more and meant. any the interesting last in as to all duality shower students are is is shocking in of speed upper in stereotypical confidently – and up ukulele describes wall, physically, moves, awful bit by fluctuate on between disorder, mind, professions Though, is in have also bit set. to a – piece between are despite killed new red have Mark interesting Norman violently by sustainability When of the Norman calm. my to finality. it one’s that but and put having is Bates body white, mind, opportunistic over want from construct way, cop it I’ve whiteness of by with Out, to superior an is story, tai contained, coded culminate does, felt is shouldn’t offers, clarity, not semester approaches it comedy the grooming “to Peeping He her I (a a sensitive his keeps in save he in chi isn’t to This see). my murderous. and discussion. Missy comedy? deliberate but to and Psycho and, the the of the and in they it and to ranged must moment while the the – and physical, had and experimental film, all with their corpse This continuously Dyer’s only with based who approached should During where in off the exemplified privileged and the we the the when mind. at cattle connect in that We this Dean them the go have that aren’t much is essentially possibly ought movie way, the of each basic essential make through to ultimately main result Doctor whole taken) parents’ mirror goes to Guignol. his to experience all main is has more was the in early deception). is the before whatever is to operating the in and Gogol’s routinely unifying an control up way of races of housekeeper, great.

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